Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday 7th July........... Home

The final day has come. We are so close to our home port that its unbelievable. Time to get back to reality instead of all this jolly sailing!!! (I might add that the jolly sailing is far more appealing)
Ok so for the final; day we rose at 6.30 and set off for the home stretch. The weather was hot which was nice but what it lacked was wind. We motored most of the way back and occasionally the sails looked as though they would give us an extra knot. With the tide eventually in our favour however we managed 6 Knots  which was just as well as we had calculated that we would just make high water at faversham as long as there was no problems en route.

Coming into the Swale was to say the least a little emotional for me as it meant that this was finally the end of what has been the most amazing adventure. There were several gaff rigged boats out in the Swale so it was a welcome sight and once we had moored it was time to reflect. What a trip and what memories. Its difficult to say what has been the best bit of this amazing trip .... but if pushed I would have to say ALL OF IT!!! Thank you Gaffers!

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