Thursday, 4 July 2013

4th July 2013. The Final Leg......................... and finally we get some significant sailing without the engine!!!!!!!

Returning to join the boat at Eyemouth was a relatively easy journey in comparison to some of the other logistical planning. But it was all the more poignant as I knew that this was the home stretch and I wanted to savour each and every moment. I was effectively only with them for one full day before returning to work until friday when I  rejoined them to share the last sail.
Arriving in Eyemouth was a bit of a shock in terms of the temperature but with the opportunity of a days sail ahead it was soon forgotten. Eyemouth harbour was everything I imagined a fishing community to be full of trawlers but it had a warmth that enveloped you.
After a good meal and a drink in the local pub we retired early to get a good nights sleep before heading off at 6am the next day. Leaving the harbour we were treated to a farewell display from a few friendly dolphins that escorted us safely out in the waters beyond. And the day just got better after that!The wind was finally in our favour so after raising as many sails as we could we were soon screaming along at a rate of 6.5knots on average. The weather was relatively warm which just added to the experience. So there was one novice lady on the helm with a huge grin on her face for quite a bit of time that day. I am sure that there are those amongst the gaffers who will know what I mean when I say it was awesome to see the boat hit 9 knots!!!!

We soon arrived in Whitby. A beautiful town which I remember from my childhood. But to sail into her harbour was just the best feeling!!! After a good nights sleep I then returned to work leaving Simon and Robert to carry on with the miles. I shall be rejoining them on Friday for the final stretch. I am counting the hours to my return

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