Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wed 26th June 2013.......... the journey continues

Having decamped myself from the boat to head home for workafter the weekend,  Simon and Robert have continued in the challenge, so am updating blog from a distance with the wonders of modern technology and the odd text from Cygnet.  You may recall in the previous blog I mentioned that they were planning to turn right at Inverness, which they did and as a result managed to sail as far as Lossiemouth last night before mooring up for a few hours rest and refreshments. (I am reliably informed that this consisted of a Pot Noodle). They didnt rest long however as to catch the tide they were up at stupid oclock (4am) so that they could get wind and tide in their favour. They certainly seemed to have succeeded as a recent update from them was with much delight to say that they were sailing at 10.5 Knots. Having past Peterhead at that speed they are hoping to make Montrose tonight which will have meant they have covered 120 miles since 4 am!!. What a days sail...........................................

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