Monday, 20 May 2013

Saturday 18th May 2013 Off we jolly well go.........

Saturday morning saw a lovely start to the day. After a good nights sleep and a shower we retired to the local cafe for a hearty brunch (should have been breakfast but Robert was fixing the toilet again whilst Simon set about making preparations for the next stage of the journey)
We then set off at 14.00 hrs on the next leg and with the Mizzen, Jib and Staysail and couple of reefs in the Main, we then embarked on turning the corner around lands end which seemed symbolic somehow as it now meant we were heading north.
A long passage was ahead of us and couldnt wait to ghet tyo Milford to catch up with the rest of the fleet and the meal at the DALE yatcht club. We soon settled into a routine which was going really welll until I went down into the galley for a rest. When I got up a little while later I stumbled and soon came into contact with the wood below one of the port holes. Fortunately the bopat was ok but my cheek and eye soon swelled up. I then started to experience a slight degree of nausea and thought it best to get up on deck. I manged to get up just in time to avoid getting rid of the hearty brunch all over the Skipper! Once the nausea had took hold however it was set to stay for a while. Mal de mer at its best meant that I cradled the winch for a few hours before the Skipper very sensibly told me to go and lie down below. I fell asleep very quickly and woke several hours later feeling very guilty at abandoning my post. But the sight of a Pod  of  Dolphions following us for miles was just worth every moment. It was pretty special and something I shall never forget. The crossing was a little choppy but quickly forgotten when we saw the dolphins. We arrived at Dale Yatcht Club in the afternoon and after a bite to eat and a rest (as well as the all important shower) we met up with the OGA team for Dinner in the Yatcht Club. Suffice to say a good time was had by all and the food was very good. The entertainment from some of the OGA members was very welcome indeed to aqnd most unexpected. I returned home for work with a smile on my face and in the hope that when the next leg of the journey starts my shiner of a black eye will have receded. In the meantime I look forward to the next leg with continued enthusiasm and ponder about how sad I will feel when the adventure finishes.

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