Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wed 29th May 2013 The Irish Adventure............

Well its been a few days since I updated the blog. Partly because we have been a tad busy sailing across the Irish sea but also because the signal is rubbish. So its about time I gave you a run down on the activity. Sinmon's friend Martin joined us at Milford Haven. A nice chap who has kept us entertained with his humour. But he has also kept us awake ever since with his dulcet tones .......... never known anyone to snore so loudly! Enough said about that. Suffice to say however that Robert was very happy to have a new member of crew joining us. They remind me of Hinge and Bracket when they get together, or 'Gaylord and Sebastian' as Simon said and has spent the rest of the week referring to them as just that. All I can say is there is definitely a little Bromance going on here!!!!
Anyway back to the all important points about the journey. Since leaving Milford we headed over the Irish coast to Wexford. A beautiful little place with very friendly people. We kissed the ground as we stepped ashore for the first time on Irish soil before heading into the town for the nearest pub (as all good sailors do)with typical Irish music that served 'damn good Guiness' according to Martin. We spent a very pleasant evening and night there before setting off early the next morning bound for the north.
The journey there was a little interesting since the wind increased to about 30 knots. We \moored in Wicklow for the night. It was a lovely little place to find shelter and the locals in the Yatcht club made us feel very welcome as we walked in looking windswept and coled. The roaring fire obviously helped of course. After a restful sleep we woke to lots of rain. We visited the local RNLI and were given a tour of the station and its history. It was a lovely surprise to hear that one of the station crew took part in Hilary Lister's Round Britain challenge also. We retired to the boat to make preparations for the next leg of the journey.........

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