Saturday, 18 May 2013

Wed 16th May 2013 Round 2 - Leaving Bucklers Hard.

Well it was time to embark on the second leg of our journey. Trying hard at this present moment in time to think up some witty blog like 'Bonify's' but fail miserably so after much pondering here goes.............After travelling down this morning we quickly got on board and made preparations to embark having brought the missing items from the last loeg. It was a trifle windy ...... SW Force 5/6 (and therefore a few reefs in)...... but we endeavoured to set out and at least get some miles in and try to catch up the rest of the OGA fleet who are doing so well and we check their progress regulary.  We moored up for a short respite, after several hours of 'man versus nature', then set off again,  fed, watered and suitably rested. With the tide in our favour and the wind eased we were soon sailing past Corfe Castle in the distance.  Spoilt for choice we also had the pleasure of the pretty coastline along Lulworth Cove etc to look at as we headed for Weymouth on a lovely sunny morning and a sea that glistened and shimmered as we sailed through it. Such pleasures to be had on this trip. We stopped off at Weymouth and had a lovely breakfast in a waterfront cafe before heading out again with a rather pleasing south easterly wind in Cygnet's favour.

Simon and Robert sailed through the night and pulled into Newlyn at 4pm. I met up with them in the evening after travelling down. We all retired to the Pub as all good sailors do and had an entertaining evening chatting to some of the local fisherman in the bar along with the Crew of Witch before retiring to bed for a good nights sleep.  Today's weather looking good for a sail to Milford and are pleased to have Witch as company en route.

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