Friday, 10 May 2013

Wednesday 8th May Bucklers Hard Marina

After a restful night's sleep and a very refreshing shower, it was time to give Cygnet a look over after the first sail. Being moored up and tucked away from the changing weather pattern it was an ideal opportunity to give her a little TLC and service after behaving so well on the first leg of the journey. There was also a  little list of jobs to keep the crew occupied - the fridge had stopped working, and the tap wouldnt pump,  to name a few. It quickly became apparent why the fridge had stopped working however when we discoved that whilst installing the beautifully crafted wooden cupboards and mirrors above the seats,  Simon had inadvertently drilled a hole straight through the wire that powered the fridge. That caused a few laughs as one can imagine. Impressive to get it so central too!  After a late lunch we then had the opportunity to have a little explore around the Marina as it had been quite an important area for ship building in the 18th Century. Beautiful area.

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