Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thursday 30th May 2013 Still in Howth.

Having just reread my last entry to the blog I noticed the spelling errors. Typing so fast I realise I could do with a spell checker on the blog site but having spent the last 10 minutes trying to find it I give up and will just have to be more diligent about checking it before posting it. Apologies in advance for any errors I miss.

So on with the update (although not much to report today).....Whilst the rest of the fleet embarked on the next leg of the journey we decided to stay another day and just relax and enjoy the time pottering and doing a few odd jobs on Cygnet. A spot of varnishing is great on a sunny day,  and the afternoon was spent updating our blog in the local yacht club with a nice pot of tea whilst 'Gaylord and Sebastian' (aka Robert and Martin), went walkabout and Simon catches a few zzz's.

My first experience of Ireland was one of a relaxed nation of people who were pleasant and welcoming and that has not changed as time has gone on. Sitting here watching the masts in the marina sway about in the wind I try to muster the energy to go for a walk to mingle with the locals again. The temptation to order another pot of tea however takes over and I comfort myself with the fact that when we set off on the next leg of the journey a cup of tea becomes a bit of a luxury which is few and far between. Hmmm. Lovely

Oh well...Looking forward to meeting up with the fleet for the Dublin event!!

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