Saturday, 1 June 2013

1st June 2013 Poolbeg Yacht Club

We arrived to much pomp and ceremony yesterday into Poolbeg to see lots of the fleet moored up and enjoying the festivities. Great to see familiar faces again, Bonify, Witch are moored near us and the rest of the gang scattered around. The Dublin OGA have really made us feel welcome at the event.
We set off from Howth for the short hop across the bay yesterday and I had the opportunity to helm for the trip, which was fantastic. Sailing has been a huge learning curve for me but so very enjoyable and I have had such fun since starting. Those sailors amongst you who have been doing this for years are to be much admired. I take my hat off to all of you for the knowledge and skill you have. I managed ... just... to instruct the crew to trim the sails and monitor the traffic in the bay, whilst I kept an eye on the depth, direction of travel and wind as I managed to achieve 7 knots across the bay. Pales into comparison to everyone else I know but for someone who has only started sailing last year it was a symbolic event for me and one that made me feel like there was hope for me yet......
Anyway enough of that, having arrived and moored up we had a spot of lunch before we took to the local transport system and headed into Dublin Centre for a little exploratory. Very busy and vibrant city . We didnt stay long however as we needed to get back for the evening presentation by the Dublin OGA. Much frivolity was had by all with a glass or two of social lubricant and to the sounds of a great bunch of lads who were excellent.
This morning we gave the organised race a miss in order to make preparations of the next leg of the journey across the Irish Sea for the Isle of Man TT races. It is a whole day sail so chart plotting and victualling is the order of the day before the festivities begin again tonight. Shall be sad to leave Ireland but looking forward to the next leg of the journey with great enthusiasm.

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