Friday, 21 June 2013

21st June 2013 The longest Day.......... Caledonian Canal...... Corpach Loch

What a day we had today. We set sail from Dunstaffnage heading off to meet the TV Crew with Ade Edmondson'Around Britain programme. He was keen to hear about the OGA challenge and the adventure and Cygnet was lucky enough to be chosen as the boat he spent the afternoon sailing up to Fort William on. The day started off not very promising with an overcast feel about it but soon we were on our way with a tail wind behind us. We had almost every sail out today I am pleased to say with the Main, Mizzen, Jib Stay sail, Top sail and Reacher.  At one point we managed to get up to 6.5 knots before the wind dropped .

We were joined in the afternoon by Witch and Moon River. I am in awe of the skipper of Moon River because her skipper is sailing single handledly around britain all by herself. What an inspirational lady she is. So when Ade and the film crew arrived it was great to have some of the fleet with us to join in with the filming. Ade spent a few hours on the boat finding out about the OGA. He was particularly interested in the challenge itself and wanted to hear about the highlights of the trip. For the crew of Cygnet it was a great afternoon as Simon was able to tell Ade all about what the OGA stood for and why we were having just the best time. The Film crew spent a couple of hours with us and they have captured lots of footage of not only Cygnet but Witch and Moon River too. They will be contacting Simon to let him know when the programme goes out but it is anticipated it will be in January.

It was however a fantastic afternoon and they have some great shots of both Cygnet and Witch crossing each other as we tacked across. Cant wait to see it. And what a great way for the OGA boats to be seen. What a great day again. This evening after a spot of food on board we are retiring to the pub with the crew from the other boats as all good sailors do of course!!!!!!!!!!

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