Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cygnet's Chief blogger is back... or at least this is the story of the journey

Returning to Cygnet began last weekend and what an adventure that turned out to be. The Round Britain Challenge is not just about the boats for this blogger, its a logistical adventure too! Returning to Cygnet began last Friday with a train journey to Milford Haven from Kent to collect Skipper's car. That was a 7 hour journey and culminated in arrival at the Station and the subsequent search for the car as I wasnt sure where in the Marina it had been parked before we lset sail to Ireland. That said I was soon in the car heading north to meet the rest\ of the crew on a 506 mile trip during the night. The journery through the night could have been improved slightly however if I had been able to figur5e out how the radio worked and also if the sat nav had not taken me all the way through North Wales . At least I got to see Snowdon!!
Nevertheless arriving ay my destination was a welcome sight being so glad to be back with the Crew and was soon settling down to catch a few ZZ's before enjoying a weeknd surrounded by the most amazing scenery. Having never been that far north in  Scotland before I was enjoying every moment. Saturday we met up with the rest of the fleet again enjoying the very kind hospitality of Lsra and Robert at their home for a BBQ. Liquid Refreshment was enjoyed by all. Getting back to the boat was however an interesting journey which Chief Blogger would prefer not to go inato right now but suffice to say there was a trolley involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At the end of this adventure I do intend to post the alternative blog which will include all those little adventures that came up which I prefer snot to reveal right now ha ha ha but will save it for then.......

Looking forward to going through the Caledonian Canal

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