Thursday, 20 June 2013

The next leg........ The crew of SS Jaguar!!!

Trains, planes and automobiles have been a significant part of this Round Britain Challenge. I checked the itinerary and there was no mention of the fact that one could not use other modes of transport to support this challenge. Which is just as well because since starting this journey I have travelled on Cygnet, Trains, Planes, Cars, Motorbikes and more recently a luggage Trolley. (As promised the story behind this will be laid bare in the last blog!!!)

Anyway we returned back to Dunstaffnage and the boat after a few days home. The crew of SS Jaguar took it in turns to do 2 hour shifts which meant that the 9 hour journey back up here wasnt nearly as bad as it could have been. Upon arrival however (7am!!!) needed a couple of hours sleep to catch up before rising at lunchtime to start the adventure again.

After a spot of housekeeping and scrubbing of Cygnet to make her look her beautiful again we repaired to the 19th hole for a spot of Gin and Tonic and some partaking of the local dialect (its a hard life but someone has to do it) and to discuss the next leg which starts tomorrow heading up the Caledonian Canal................

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