Monday, 17 June 2013

Leaving Belfast

Before departing Belfast, Cygnet's Chief Blog correspondent had to leave the ship to return to Kent. Deputy Blogger Robert writes.................
Cygnet slipped from her moorings in Abercorn Basin to motor downBelfast Loch taking care to keep out of the fairway. Perchance Cygnet's Chief Bloogger's flight passed in a wide upward arc in the clear skies above to furious waving from the ship and bemused glances from the crew  of a large passing barge. We couldnt see the furious waving from the aircraft but knew it would be there too.

Once at sea and with an ESE wind all sails were set including the Mizzen Staysail!!! This sail proved its worth for its size forcing Cygnet up to an incredible 7.5 to 8 Knots. This gave the crew no oend of elation!!!

Next stop was Campbletown and landfall saw us berthed alongside a welcoming yatcht from Eire. Once ashore local hospitality soon found us in the pursuit of honourable partaking and assessment of local brewery offerings. It was during the course of that pursuit that you eminent Deputy Blogger found himself engaged in conversation with a lass of more mature years and lubrication - with thestandard chat up line of " have a sin ye aroon a biforr?"

Campbletown drifted in the distance and we soon found ourselves in Tarbert. A sail loft is in evidence here just up from the harbour office, within which walls can be found a launderette. Here can be found such questions as "have you used a washing machine before??" much to the consternation of the Skipper.

Onwards to the Crinan Cranal

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