Sunday, 9 June 2013

Thursday 6th June.... Isle of Man TT!!!!

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog but have had far too much excitement with Motorbikes to contend with. Sailed into the Isle of Man during a beautiful sunset to the roar of the motorbikes as we passed Douglas. That definitely set the tone for this week! Martin (aka Gaylord) very kindly gave Simon a Aprillia Futura 1000 bike to tool around on the island for the week. This was awesome since at the first opportunity we hit the road to take a tour of the TT course. The views across the mountain into the bay are pretty spectacular as a pillion as you whizz past them at ..... miles per hour?!! What more could one ask for.

That said the week was pretty full on as we swopped a helm and sails for a crash helmet and two wheels whilst Robert was spending time back in Kent. We managed to watch all of the TT races in glorious sunshine, including the sand and stunt racing which made my stomach churn as I saw them flying through the air. We managed to get down to Peel to visit the rest of the Fleet on Tuesday but only managed to catch up with the crew of Bonify.

We watched John McGuiness take the crown at the Senior's race on the last day and after a early evening BBQwe then set sail for Belfast. The TT was over for another year but the Roundf Britain Challenge wasnt and there was more exciting adventures to be had and more beautiful scenery to discover. Next stop Belfast!!!

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