Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Monday 24th June 2013

The Round Britain Challenge logistics continues unabated with the current tally of modes of transport to complete this adventure currently standing at:

Gaff Rigged Boat, Plane, Train, Motorbike, Coach, Taxi, Car, Shopping Cart (Long Story!!), Foot.

Each of the above modes of Transport with the exception of Cygnet has meant that Chief Blogger has been able to join in with the challenge as much as possible whilst continuining the day job which is funding it in the first place. Great fun to be had ...............and this weekend was no exception. After our filming experience with Ade,  we set off through the Caledonian Canal. It is such a pretty place to visit and one in which I wish I had done so before. With a spot or two of rain, which when you have such beautiful scenery to look at one doesnt seem to notice, we headed through and soon the sight of Ben Nevis came into view. With snow still on the top one could be forgiven for thinking that it was still spring what with all the rain showers. The lush green colours are a marked contrast against the heathers and gorse. Mother Nature at its best. Not much sailing to be had as we motored through the lochs whch meant we could really admire the landscape.    Soon however we arrived in Fort Augustus our next port of call. It reminded us of a pretty toy town. So cute and with such character. We met up with Witch and Moon River there who had also just arrived and also a few ofd the Dutch fleet which was fortunate as one of the crew on Leonora III handed us a fleece belonging to Howard on Bonify. I had tried to collect it from Milford Haven last time I headed home but to no avail. I quickly text the Crew of Bonify to let them know. Howard would be very pleased to be reunited with his fleece even if Sue wasnt!!!!. Anyway once moored up and settled our stomachs were rumbling loudly. The Loch Inn was recommended to us as a nice place to eat  so we thought we would give it a try.We certainly were not disappointed both in terms of the quality of the food and the ambience. A great evening.

The next day saw us depart for Loch Ness. Here at last we were able to get all the sails up and have a great blow around across the Loch. At one point Robert jumped in the dinghy and began filming Cygnet as we tacked across the lake. We had such a great day's sail and grabbing these opportunities to get all the sails up is essential as wind and tide wait for no man!! (I think that's how it goes)

Having got through Loch Ness and Lochend it was time for Chief Blogger to jump ship again and head back home which consisted of a coach journey from Lochend to Fort William (2 hours), pick up next connection from Fort William to Oban (1.5 hours) collect car and drive home (8.5 hours) A long day but worth every moment to be able to be part of such a wonderful adventure.

Cygnet continues on her journey having turned right as she came out of Inverness. I shall rejoin her on my next days off as she heads home on the last leg of this journey. I do sometimes wonder what the original craftsman and owners of these beautiful wooden boats would say if they knew that a century later these boats would still be sailing and undertaking this challenge with such grace and beauty. All I know is that I have such wonderful memeories as a result of their work......................

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